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niandopflanze Euphorbiaceae Plant Name: Euphorbiaceae
One of the Strongest African Aphrodisiacs
Place of Origin- Africa
Aphrodisiac Benefits: strongly increases eroticism
Use as: decoction ( a slow brew of 15-20 minutes) made from bark: add root cortex to palm wine.
Contains: alkaloid yohimbine

* Impotence and infertility. Iporuru is a unique traditional treatment for infertility in men in that it is taken by the woman rather than by the man. A plausible explanation for this effect is that the herb increases the receptivity of the cervix to sperm cells. French scientists have proposed that men taking iporuru would have stronger erections, greater penetration, and more viable sperm through the action of yohimbine, a compound found in both iporuru and yohimbe.


IBOGA (Tabernanthe iboga),Psychedelic Plant Name: IBOGA (Tabernanthe iboga), native to Gabon and the Congo, is the only member of the dogbane family, Apocynaceae, known to be used as an hallucinogen

Place of Origin: West Africa

Effects: Psychedelic

Uses: Magical agent
Use as: Roots chewed-- root cortex swallowed

(Better if combined with yohimbe bark)

Contains: indole alkaloids, ibogaine.


Lakshmana (Calonyction muricatum),Tonic, brew

- Common Name: moonflower, purple; giant morning-glory

- Plant name:(Calonyction muricatum)

- Place of Origin: India

- Use as: Tonic, brew

- Aphrodisiac

- Contains:All parts contain 3.7% Benehic Acid

Dita Tree ....

tonic and antiseptic medicine,dita tree
- A Tree Whose Bark is Medicinal

- The bark yields a tonic and antiseptic medicine.

- It is used to treat anaemia, menstrual disorders, malarial fever, colic, diarrhoea, dysentery and acute arthritis.

(Apocynaceae) India, Sri Lanka

(Apocynaceae) India, Sri Lanka,aphrodisiac - This family are found in tropical and subtropical zones.
- They could be used in sources of drugs, over 50 species were found, such as Catharanthus roseus, Rauwolfia serpentine, Devil-pepper (Rauwolfia verticillata) are popular. - Increases desire
- Use: seeds used as aphrodisiac
- Seeds : better erection, delaying orgasm.
- Contains: alkaloid porfirogenitine that has a strong stimulating effect on genitals.


Galangol - Kaempferia galanga,Lust stimulator
- Different but used in cooking similarly that Alpinia galanga.
- Hardy to at least zone 8, surviving short duration freezes to 17 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Leaves are plain green in this form, but it still makes an attractive display. - (Kaempheria Galanga) Southern China, Thailand, India -
- Lust stimulator

Formulas, Recipes, Potions and spells

When herbs are used in combination, they are as potent and effective as any man-make concoction. They need to be given time to work, 2-6 days or so. Although some take effect in a matter of hours.

You will be amazed at nature, and may never go back to synthetics again!
After some extensive research and experiments-- the herbs that seem to produce the best results are: Kava Kava root and Damiana leaves.
Damiana seems to have a positive toning effect on both the nervous system and sexual organs, especially when combined in equal parts with Saw Palmetto berries.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Damiana (Turnera diffusa),mood elevator Damiana Liquor
1 oz Damiana leaves
2 Tbsp Saw Palmetto berries
2 Tbsp Angelica Root
1/2 Tbsp Vanilla pods
1 cup Honey
750 ml Whiskey

1. Soak all ingredients for one week, then strain through coffee filter and save.
2. Resoak herbs in distilled water for another week, then strain
Heat second mixture to 80c and then add honey to the hot liquid
After honey is dissolved, take off heat and let cool
Now add this to the first whiskey liquid
Age the final liquid for at least a month
--Take once oz. of this liquor 1x a day for 2 weeks...... except gradual results, as well as unpredictable ones---it depends on the person--the results may be too potent or too weak.

The Damiana Supplement is a mood elevator in nervous and sexual depression.
Damiana revitalizes both sexes. Modern herbal physicians conclude that damiana has a definite tonic action on the central nervous and the hormonal system.
As a useful anti-depressant, damiana is considered to be useful specifically in cases of anxiety and depression where there is a sexual factor. It may be used to strengthen the male sexual system.

Arabian Coffee

Arabian Coffee --Coffe Arabica-- East Africa, Arabia
- Aphrodisiac Recipe:
- Arabia Coffee
- Cardamom
- Honey

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