Licorice for women information, herb recipes

Plant name: Glycyrrhiza glabra liquorice root herb,tonic - Licorice For Women

- Location: Europe, Asia -

- Used as: tonic, ingested in tea or in powder, use woody root.

- Contains sweetener glycyrrhinine, hormones, essential oil, tanins and flavones.

Tribulus Terrestri For Men
tribulus-terrestris herb,sexual endurance

Aphrodisiac Benefits: increased sperm production,
sexual endurance and testosterone levels.

- Used in: Asia, East Europe, Bulgaria

Clary28salvia-sclarea29 herb,erotic stimulant

- Plant Name: Salvia sclarea

- Place of Origin: Mediterranean

- Aphrodisiac Benefits: erotic stimulant,

- Used As: essential oil ingested or inhaled, plant added to wine used in aromatherapy as aphrodisiac, dried plant smoked.

Muira Puama
muira_puama herb,virility re-activator

Plant Name: Liriosma ovata
Place of Origin: South America
Use as: Tonic---extract of bark and wood ingested or fresh parts of the plant chewed
Aphrodisiac Benefits: infertility, increases pleasure , Libido Enhancer sexual, virility re-activator, genital weakness

Boil the dry wood and bark for 40 min, however, alcohol extract is the most effective.
Contains: esters, resins, sitosterol

Coral tree, Plant name: Erythrina americana
Coral tree, Plant name: Erythrina americana Description: eryqro "red" for the red flowers
Location: Tropics
Properties: strong inebriant, magical agent plant of prophecy
Cautions: poison
Use as: seeds ingested
Aphrodisiac benefits: After eating few of the seeds women become completely available
Contains: beans contain cytisine

Angel's Trumpet
Angelthrumpet-brugmansia,Hallucinogenic Plant name: Brugmansia aurea, Solanaceae

Place of Origin: South America

Aphrodisiac Benefits:

Effects: Hallucinogenic

Uses: magical agent

Use: tea made from: leaves Flowers: smoked

Contains highly active tropane alkaloids

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Clavo Huasca -White Clove
Clavo Huasca -White Clove,aphrodisiac for both men and women - Use as: mashed vine bark
- Contains: phytonutients (Tinantina)
- Aphrodisiac Benefits: This woody vine is an aphrodisiac for both men and women -no arguments would be made by those whom have tried it!
- Common Names: Clavo huasca, Clove Vine, Clavo huasca, Cipó Cravo, Cipó

- Clavo huasca or "Clove Vine" has emerged from the Amazon as an aphrodiasiac which exquisitely enhances women's sexual pleasure

Huanarpo Macho (Jatropha macrantha) bark
huanarpo-macho (Jatropha macrantha),restore sexual potency
- In Peru Huanarpo Macho bark and stem is a very popular male sexual tonic and aphrodisiac.

- It is considered an overall male sexual stimulant and libido aid and is used to restore sexual potency.

- It is also used in Peruvian herbal medicine for asthma, bronchitis, coughs, and diabetes and as a nerve tonic to calm and support the central nervous system

Catuaba Bark
Catuaba bark, brain & nerve stimulant
- Use: Decoction of Bark

- Sexual impotency, sexual weakness, brain & nerve stimulant

- Catuaba is the most remarkable quality of catuaba in the area of treating functional impotence of the male genital organs.

- Safe and high effective for long term use

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