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Ginger --Zingiber officinarum Ginger --Zingiber officinarum,Stimulant, carminative

-- South Asia - stimulant, rootstock eaten or made into tea.

-- Has hot qualities, heats like fire in the body.

-- Medicinal Action and Uses

-- Stimulant, carminative, given in dyspepsia and flatulent colic excellent to add to bitter infusions; specially valuable in alcoholic gastritis; of use for diarrhoea from relaxed bowel where there is no inflammation.

-- Ginger Tea is a hot infusion very useful for stoppage of the mensesdue to cold, externally it is a rubefacient.

Liquorice Root Liquorice Root herb,optimize hormone levels
- Liquorice is famous for creating balance and synergy in herbal formulas.

- It also acts on the glands, especially the adrenals to optimize hormone levels.

- The adrenals produce sex hormones and are directly involved with a healthy sex drive.

- Lowered adrenal function can lead to loss of libido, less energy and poorer sexual response.

Mace and Nutmeg --Myristica fragrans Mace and Nutmeg --Myristica fragrans,love magic
--Asia, Africa Aphrodisiac The nutmeg tree is a wide evergreen, native to the Spice Islands of Indonesia.
-- However, it has been used in India as a spice and medicinally as early as 700 BC.
-- Mace and nutmeg are two different spices from the same fruit. Nutmeg is the dried kernel and mace the dried shell which surrounds the seed.
-- Nutmeg is more aromatic, sweeter and more delicate than mace and it is believed to impart strength and enhance sexual prowess.
-- It is used in love magic.
-- The main component is myristicin, the base of the "love drug" MDA or ecstasy. Ingest: seeds, nuts, mace or oil

Mustard --Brassica nigra

Mustard(Sinapisigra),Stimulant, irritant,

-- Stimulant, irritant, ground seeds and plant promote virility, therefore monks were forbidden to eat mustard.

Parsley --Petroselinum crispum Parsley --Petroselinum crispum,sexually stimulating

-- North Africa- A strong irritant in high doses, ingested as spice, decoction made from its roots.

-- The irritation can cause an abortion, but can be also sexually stimulating.

-- Stalk used for love magic, root is mixed into witch flying ointments intended to induce erotic energy.

Peperoncino Peperoncino, medicine, aphrodisiac

-- Condiment, medicine, aphrodisiac, has been a highly prized spice since the most ancient times.

-- Its earliest archaeological evidence dates back 9,000 years ago to a site in Mexico.

Pepper --Piper nigrum Pepper - Piper nigrum,stimulant, love magic agent
-- South Asia - stimulant, love magic agent, contains alkaloids-- has irritating effects on mucous membranes.
-- Cubeb pepper (Piper Cubeba) has substances that stimulate the sex drive.
-- For colds and flu, it can be taken as a steam inhalation, combined with eucalyptus or marjoram.
-- Therapeutic Use: Not compatible with homeopathic treatment.:Circulation : anemia, poor circulation
-- Muscular problems : arthritis, aches and pains, rheumatism, stiffness
-- Respiratory system :catarrh, chills
-- Digestive system :colic, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea
-- Immune system : colds, flu, infections, viruses

Rosemary --Rosmarinus officinales Rosemary --Rosmarinus officinales,erotic effect upon the skin

-- North Africa- strong erotic effect upon the skin, ingested as spice, added to bath or wine.

-- Contains essential oil with psychotropic effect.

-- In large quantities can be abortifacent.

Saffron --Crocus sativus Saffron --Crocus sativus,stimulant or inebriant

--Asia, North Africa
-- has hot and dry qualities, stimulant or inebriant depending on dosage, sun dried filaments ingested stimulates sexual desires for women.
-- Essential oil evokes long, distinctive orgasms. In high doses saffron oil is abortive and toxic.
-- Its additional curative powers have long been known to help digestion, rheumatism and colds.

Vanilla --Vanilla planifolia Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia,stimulant

--Central America - stimulant, ingested as a tincture, together with cocoa and arrow root -- Ground vanilla beans are very easy to use. You need just a little amount to add excellent vanilla flavor.
-- For example, you can add a teaspoon to coffee before brewing to make a whole pot of vanilla flavored coffee.
-- It is also great in tea, Crème Brulée, and ice cream.
-- *1/2 teaspoon of ground vanilla beans is approximately the equivalent of 1 teaspoon extract..


Musk (Kasturi) Musk (Kasturi),ingredient for soaps

-- Is obtained from the ever-so extincting musk deer called the Kasturi Mriga.

-- Musk was used for a immune modulator as equally as it was for an aphrodisiac by ancient physicians.

-- It was considered a last resort medicine.
-- Musk is also a fragrant substance which is secreted in the gland by a male musk-deer.
-- Musk is reddish-brown in colour and is used as a base for perfumes and also as an ingredient for soaps to give it a musky smell.


Wild Rose Shrub Wild Rose Shrub,Erotic stimulant

-- Erotic stimulant, especially for women, love magic, rose petals used in tea or love potions.

-- Rose oil used as perfume.

Wood Rose (Argyreia nervosa) Hawaii

Wood Rose (Argyreia nervosa)

-- A vine plant, psychodelic, magical agent, seeds contain the indole alkaloids lysergic acid amide and ergoline both of which cause euphoriant and aphrodisiac effect.

Sunflower (Helianthus annus) Sunflower (Helianthus annus),rheumatic and intestinal diseases

-- Central America, later worldwide
-- stimulant, flower petals made into tea. Contains chlorogenic acid, and vitamin E which has sexually stimulating effect.
-- Lonicerus suggested cooking the fresh petals in oil and eating them with salt and pepper and it has great power for marital works.
-- Also used as a remedy for rheumatic and intestinal diseases.

Prickly poppy (Papaveraceae, Agremone mexicana) Prickly poppy (Papaveraceae, Agremone mexicana),Narcotic

-- Narcotic, herbage smoked.

-- Was one of the best remedies of Mayas and Aztecs as analgesic.

-- The dried leaves and flowers are smoked as an aphrodisiac.

-- The plant contains two alkaloids with slight narcotic effect.

Morning glory ( Flowers Ipomoea violacea) America Morning glory ( Flowers Ipomoea violacea) America,psychedelic, plant of prophecy,

- strong psychedelic, plant of prophecy, seeds ingested. Seeds were considered the home of God and used in pre Columbian times for gynecological problems, divinatory and religious purposes.

-- Seeds contain lysergic acid derivatives that cause uterine contractions
-- Seeds are eaten in large numbers to achieve the psychedelic effect. CAREFUL!! Seeds are coated with a poisonous herbicide.

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